Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 Benchmarks Disappoint RTX2080TI Owners

So, after the reveal of the RTX3080 and its marketing claim as a faster GPU than the RTX2080TI, a lot of people remained skeptical about the integrity of the statement. However, after the first benchmarks arrived, it seems that the RTX3080 is not only faster than the RTX2080TI but instead brings around a 30% performance boost. The new Ampere GPUs seem to be quite overpowered indeed.

According to a known YouTuber, HardwareUnboxed, the new RTX3080 is legit a beast. He has managed to compile a list of GPUs and their performance in multiple top-notch games, in which the 3080 and the 2080TI remained in focus. The results imbue a rather disappointing determinant for all the owners of the RTX2080TI.

Below, you can find the official review of the RTX3080.

We believe that the RTX3080 would be a perfect upgrade for your gaming rig, as it outperformance the tangible and so-far dominating beauty of the RTX2080TI. But, a replacement is somewhat imminent, as the RTX3080 will serve both the visual junkies and the performance seekers too.

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  1. Actually, no they don’t. The RTX3080 is a H-U-G-E disappointment when comparing it to a 2-year old previous architecture. Maybe it’s because of the rather poultry 24-30% performance increase (usually less). Maybe it’s because newer games need to be developed to take advantage of the new Ampere architecture. Maybe it’s because the drivers need further refinement by Nvidia. Regardless of the case, there are plenty of RTX2080Ti owners who no longer regret binge selling their cards thinking that the RTX3080 would be leaps and bounds better. It’s not. I’ll wait for the RTX3080Ti as there is plenty of room between the RTX3080 and RTX3090 😉

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