Pokemon Fan Spends $1,650 to Build Life-Sized Pokemon out of LEGO

We all know a passionate Pokemon fan who has grown up with unique Pokemon since he was a child and is part of their world. He or she tells us every day a story from the world of the Pokemon and whether you like it or not, you are slowly, slowly becoming part of that world. But what if that person is a big fan of Pokemon and LEGO? Well, you should see it for yourself.

One Pokemon and LEGO fan was inspired to make Pokemon out of LEGO and decorate his room with six LEGO Pokemon. Ddave_, who is obviously a big fan of Pokemon and LEGO, made six Pokemon from LEGO and published his masterpiece on Reddit.

He built Eevee, Pikachu, Charmander, Togepi, Ditto, and Geodude from LEGO and spent $2,400 AUD or $1,650 USD for all six figures. His LEGO Pokemon collection is a real masterpiece and I recommend you take a look below – believe me, it will leave you breathless.

My growing collection of Pokemon I’ve built out of LEGO from r/pokemon

According to his comments on the post, he spent $400 AUD/$275 USD on each figure and the figures are hollow as possible.

They would be 10x more expensive if they were solid. Yeah, I use random colors and used bulk bricks to fill the inside and use brand new bricks on the outside. The insides are mostly filled with purple, lime green, and pink, he explained.

He also said that the figures are 1/1 scale and that they have the same official dimensions.

Based on his answer to the question of “Who is next?” we can conclude that these six LEGO Pokemon are not the last and his next project are Water-type Pokemon.

We would really like to know what his new “Water-type” project will look like, but it looks like we’ll have to wait.

For last, we checked his Instagram and saw all his creations and models. We have to say that he is a professional in his field and has thick nerves. Check it out here.

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