Pokemon Go It’s Time for Remote EX Raids

Trainers, the last EX Raid Boss, Regigigas, left us in March 2020. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t seen any new EX Raid Boss since March. Niantic announced Genesect as the new one (for April 2020 after the Genesect Special Research), but they canceled the EX Raids. Well, now it is the perfect time for Niantic to bring back the EX Raid Bosses and Mythical Pokemon in the game.

Recently, we got the new feature Remote Raid, which allows players to join any Raid Battle from the comfort of their home. This system allows players to use the special Remote Raid Pass to join the raids, without standing for hours and hours on the hot weather. This Remote system is very similar to the regular Raid system, but there are few limitations.

It would be great if Niantic does the same for the EX Raids. It would function the same as the Remote Raid one, but instead of a regular raid, players would join EX Raids and have the opportunity to catch the Mythical EX Raid Bosses. My guess is that with this system, Niantic would make a lot of money and they would also eliminate the wait for an EX Raid invitation.

The only bad thing about these EX Raids is that you can not defeat the Boss on your own. You need other Pokemon GO players to join the EX Raids to defeat the Pokemon. Besides, with the newest “Invite friends to Raids” feature, this will become easier for everyone.

We would like to hear your opinion on this, so please leave a comment below.

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  1. Complete utter rubbish. Niantic aren’t going to eliminate the wait to receive an ex invitation. People have to raid to qualify for them, meaning they have to spend money on raid passes to increase their chances

  2. Remote raid is good but if there is no ex raid gym around your house, it is also useless!!
    So I think ex raid should not be started to be fair for everyone.

  3. I think this would be awesome! I’m a little confused though. Would we be able to use the pass to get into the gym to battle the EX raid from home? Or do we still need to go close to the gym? Regardless I am so excited just to get to do and EX raid, I don’t mind either way. I just want the EX raids to start back.

  4. As of October it’s been insanely frustrating doing remote raids, if you invited to one and you faint, you can’t rejoin the battle of the raid is close to you, you might be able to walk over to it and let’s say of there where enough people that didn’t get kicked out to be able to finish, maybe you could rejoin? Idk
    Me and my friend lost 9 remote passes combined and niantic gave use each 1 as compensation. Feels like I was robbed…
    It’s also a bummer thag they’re getting rid of some of the bonuses and changes they’ve made for covid, even though they’re still working from home and the numbers are still riding they apparently think we don’t need to stay as safe as them. SMH

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