Pokemon Go Players Might be Able to Switch to Team Go Rocket Team Soon

Trainers, we received a piece of interesting information which we believe many would like it. It seems like Niantic and Pokemon Go are working on a new feature that will allow us to switch to the evil side and get Giovanni as our leader and become a member of the Team Go Rocket team.

As we all know, there are two fractions in Pokemon Go, the good and the bad. The good one is the one which has Professor Willow, Blanche, Spark, and Candela as the leaders, which always take the good side and fight for the better in the Pokemon World. They teach us to save all of the Pokemon and become Pokemon Go Masters.

On the other hand, there are the well-known trouble-makers and ‘destroyers’ of the Pokemon world. They are the Team Go Rocket Leaders Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo, which are led by the evil mastermind Giovanni. Their wishes are and will always be the Pokemon world to be in their hands.

Please have in mind that the following is just a tease and a hint, 0% confirmed and 0% a leak!

To choose a different side sounds cool right? Well, we wanted to learn more about the possibility of introducing this feature, and we asked the person who shared this info with us, how Niantic and Pokemon Go are planning to do this and which changes would happen in the game, and here is the answer.

Niantic and Pokemon Go will allow players to choose one of the Team Go Rocket Leaders as their leader, meaning you will soon be able to switch sides and be part of the Team Go Rocket movement. Players will keep their level, stardust, candy, Pokemon, etc and the only difference is that your Pokemon will become Shadow Pokemon. So, the good team will have to save them all (catch and purify), while your task is to stop them and make all Pokemon a Shadow Pokemon. So you have to take over PokeStops, Gyms, etc. As part of the evil fraction, you’ll be given Special Research, Field Research tasks, rewards once or twice a month, which will be different from the ones you got from Professor Willow, as Giovanni is your Boss now. For last, the Team Go Rocket will also have their own Egg Pool and you’ll be able to hatch Shadow Pokemon.”

Imagine how much fun this will be if the feature sees the light of the day! What do you think, will you switch sides? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    1. They never were weaker. And now they are even stronger. Why are You asking question about things that are not even true?

      1. You are remarkably incorrect for someone with such certainty in their statements. In February, Niantic announced that Shadow Pokemon will deal 20% more damage but also take 20% more damage than standard Pokemon. If you don’t believe me, Google “Shadow Pokemon damage bonus.”

        Before you speak so arrogantly again, you should ensure that you are not wrong.

  1. I would hope only other team rocket players would see team rocket gyms and they would not be accessible to other players otherwise every1 will kick out a teamrocket gym before it even started getting coins. And also limit the amount of ppl on rocket team or every1 will turn rocket for stronger shadow pokemon for battle leagues

  2. I’ve been hoping for a chance to play as Team GO Rocket, I have quite literally been on every one of the three teams and if they do release such a feature to switch sides from Good to Evil; I would gladly switch to Team GO Rocket when they do release the feature. Also; I am looking for Friends, so add me on Facebook; Kimberly Hosier. Look for a picture of a redhead fairy in Trans Pride colors with a Trans Pride flag and that will be me, send me a Facebook friend request and then I will post my Pokémon GO friend code for you to add me.

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