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Pokemon Go Reports Show that Raids are Boring, Players are Frustrated

Many Pokemon players hoped that the raid system would be much more interesting with mega raids, but it seems that this system is slowly becoming boring for players. This is proved by an analysis of a Pokemon Go player, proving that raid activity is decreasing from week to week.

The Raid system should make the game very interesting, there should be a lot of interaction, but it seems that Niantic and Pokemon Go need to change something to attract players to enjoy Raids again.

Here are some statements from Pokemon Go players who are unhappy and say they might return to the game if Niantic and Pokemon Go change a lot of things.

The wild spawns are boring, the bonuses are boring, mega raids are useless, the rest of the raids out are useless.

I’m enjoying being able to take a step back. I’m in Louisiana, so the fact that we have yet another hurricane coming makes not going out to play a much smarter idea anyway.

I noticed shortly after Genesect departed, the interest in raids sort of died off.

I am part of 2 local, quite big (50+ players), WhatsApp groups and can also report a huge decrease in raids being done. The groups were even more active during lock down with remote raids than they are since Megas were introduced. Not many player complain but they definitely don’t have any interest in them.

Even very active player with 30+ raids per week took Megas as the chance to take a break. Niantic will have a very hard time to get them back to there former level of involvement with the game.

Long story short. I really hope they make changes soon before people start to quit permanently!

Raids died hard here in my city after the first 5 days. Even the casuals figured it out. You can’t keep what you “earn”

What is your situation? Are you interested in being in a Raid and would you like to see some changes?

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  1. I think what would help is something the games have done in the past and that is swarms…yes highlight hour is nice on Tuesdays but I think having a week of Pokemon that are rare show up…or each month give us a list of Pokemon that are going to show up more regularly…even throwing in the more rare legs that appear in the wild good luck catching them lol

  2. The thing that would make raids better are
    1) Remove the silly limit for invites since you typically need 5 players for a five head raid. a play goes to a 5 head raid and invites 5 players 2 show up no raid happens the player tries again three show up but one does not think it is enough and bails again no raid happens this is boring and frustrating.
    2) Add a separately enabled sound for an invite. The sound effects are fun for awhile but very few have them turned on. Having a separate ding,beep or buzz sound when invited. This would allow those not (actively playing/staring at their screen) to know they have been invited. I have missed many invites and feel bad for those who may have been counting on me. Staring at the screen is boring.
    3) Set up remote raid passes like the radar if you don’t beat the one you are raiding you get your pass back this will allow for risk taking and could bring more to the raid.
    4) Reward anyone inviting others to a raid maybe even 1 ball per attendee
    5) Give a remote raid pass a day make it a max of 1 so there will not be collections of to again get the raiding going.

  3. The fact that two legendaries in September are the same earned during GoFest didn’t help excitement in September about raid bosses.

  4. No one I know wants to rent a mega. Megas are worthless & a failure. When you figure out a way for players to permanently keep them, then and only then will they have any value.

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