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Pokemon Go Triple Bounce Catch Trick

There has been a recent discovery in the world of Pokemon GO. We had quite a few encounters with the powerful Mega Evolution beasts, paired up with few problems here and there. Luckily, some players have found some new tricks regarding the Poke Balls and we went into “competitive mode” straight away. This trick causes the Ball to bounce off a Pokemon right before catching it and it’s known as the Double or the Triple Bounce catch trick.

We decided to write some sort of a “guide” for you to try and repeat it, so keep on reading to see what you should do.

Timing is crucial here, and you should have a quite good reflex too. As soon as you see a Pokemon starting to attack, this is the moment you should throw a curveball. Not just a simple throw, but a curve one. Then the ball should bounce off the ‘mon. This causes the ball to spin, which then goes back at the Pokemon, catching it instantly.

Keep in mind, it is quite tricky to achieve this because you need the right set skills to throw a curveball and also get the right angle. Maybe this is the reason why many players failed at it, even though a small percentage claimed that they have succeeded. Some say that this is not true, but there are videos where it is clearly showed that this does indeed exist.

The trick is helpful in some ways, but it is not a “game-changer”, unfortunately. This is purely just for fun or to evolve in some kind of a “competition” between the fanbase of the game. So if you are one of those who are looking for some kind of entertainment in this time of tumult, join the “Triple Bounce Challenge,” have some fun and win an exclusive badge!

Take a look at this Triple Bounce Curveball on Arcanine.

Triple Bounce Curveball on an Arcanine from r/TheSilphRoad

Triple Bounce Challenge by TSR

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