Pokémon Masters generated $75 million from player spending in its first year

The Pokemon Company and Pokemon Masters have gotten around $75 million from players spending their money from its first year, making it the second-highest-grossing mobile game. It became the highest-earning Pokemon game so far. Still, Pokemon Masters has out-earned every Pokemon game in the franchise, including Pokemon Duel, which launched in January 2017, and Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, released in August 2015.

According to Sensor Tower Game Taxonomy, Pokemon Masters is ranked at n.13 globally for player spendings. Pokemon Masters is neighboring with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius from Square Enix at n.12 and King’s Raid from Vespa at n.14. Pokemon Masters is on the second place for downloads, behind RAID: Shadow Legends by Plarium at n.1.

When analyzed with details, Japan is the top market for player spending in Pokemon Masters during the first year, earning around $39.3 million. The US has generated $17.5 million, Hong Kong, with only $3.2 million. The App Store has gotten most player spending with 61%, while Google Play has generated 39 percent.

During the first year of the launch, Pokemon Masters has been downloaded 22.7 million times. The US has downloaded the game the most, around 21% from the total number. India is second, while Japan is on the third place.

Pokemon Masters has not achieved the n.1 place, a place that Pokemon GO holds, but it has become the n.2 game in the franchise when it comes to revenue. This is proof that extensive new updated and regular implementation of events works like a charm.

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