Should you play The Witcher 3 in 2020?

This is my take and review on the most famed game from CD Projekt Red, and of course, you already know about which one I am talking about, it’s the Witcher 3.

First of all, before we get into this half-ass review of mine I wanna say that I am a complete lover for these types of games. And with that, I wanna get to my first point.

  1. The setting in which it is played out. For anybody that has watched, read, or played something of The Witcher franchise you would know that it is based around the medieval ages. And that is where my initial love came for this game and franchise. I also love The Elder Scrolls franchise of games which explains my love for the setting.
  2. The music in the game. As stated before I love the TES franchise and their games are riddled with amazing music. And the music in The Witcher 3 is nothing short of amazing music as well. My first personal favorite one is “The Fields of Ard Skellig.” When I first heard it, I was teary-eyed from the sheer beautifulness of the singing, and the warm feeling I got from the instruments. The other personal best song is “Another Round for Everyone,” a song played in taverns that you can point out by the title. Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that the others are worse it’s just that these are the most captivating.
  3. The story. I just can not stress this enough but the story of The Witcher 3 is just magnificent. Even though I haven’t played nor read the books I still found the story amazing. Now of course if you had previous knowledge the game would have been even better. That is why I am pretty sad about not reading the books and playing the games chronologically till The Witcher 3. Well, nonetheless it was still an amazing story.
  4. The world. Even though I had lag while in Novigrad it was still worth it. Seeing a highly populated city with city music and tavern music and everything else just makes me feel tingly inside. The only thing I hate about Skyrim is that the population in cities is just too small, and The Witcher 3 fixes that with having a slider in the settings with how much background characters you can have on your screen. I had that on the max setting which was Ultra I think and I loved the ambiance in the cities, it felt like you were actually in a city.

Now let’s get to the points that I was not so happy with, and get ready to be angry at me because of these.

  1. RPG elements. Well, let’s just get on with it. I am not a fan of RPG elements in a game where you already play as a character that has preexisted in other games, books, series, etc. The reason for that is because you already know how the character dresses, acts, his personality, etc. So for Geralt to do some evil choices is just illogical. Another thing is how can you dress the White Wolf into Cat School gear? Or how can you have Geralt have the hairstyle of a 14-year-old anime main character? These things just don’t go well with the feeling of the game in my opinion. You shouldn’t have that much freedom in a game where you already know the character.
  2. Open world.” Yup, I said this game is not an open world by my standards. For example, we will take Skyrim which is also an open-world game. In Skyrim, if you want to you can go to Riften and completely ignore the main story. Well in Witcher that is not the case because of leveled zones. You can not go to Skellige because it is a too high-level place for you. And believe me, I have tried to not do the main quest at all and it is impossible. The main source of EXP is the main quest. So I tried doing nothing but side missions, and let’s say that was really really slow for a level up. After playing the main quest after hours and hours of side quests I felt like I was speedrunning the game with the level-ups. I played 2 quests from the main quest line and I leveled up instantly. To put in-to comparison I would have needed to do 5-6 witcher contracts probably for a level up. So in my book, The Witcher 3 is pretty linear.
  3. The sheer easiness of the game. The game is just way too easy. I played the game on Shattered Bones and then afterwords on Death March and the game is just way too easy. I am a man that comes from Dark Souls 3 so I do want a pretty difficult game to play, and sadly The Witcher 3 doesn’t deliver in that regard. Now of course I am probably the only one that thinks like this but hey I’m just sharing my opinion.

And that is kinds it about my honest review on The Witcher 3. Now I know I will be getting some hate from my bad points. And just to clarify I didn’t mention Gwent at all because I didn’t play it at all in my 80 hours first playthrough, yeah I know I’m missing out. But this is just my opinion and no one else has said it so I kinda felt the need to make this review. 

Anywho, I think that The Witcher 3 is a perfect game for anybody that plays or even doesn’t play games and wants to get into the gaming scene. And just to remind you that in this game you can get sidetracked a lot, so don’t forget you are actually searching for your daughter. Safe hunting Witcher!


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