The Falconeer Official Release Date Confirmed

The Falconeer is almost-solo developer Tomas Sala’s upcoming open-world Indie Game published by Wired Productions. It’ll feature dynamic aerial combat and a world filled with mysteries, going by the Great Ursee. 

Today, Wired released a release date trailer for the Falconeer, and it’ll come out 10 November for PC, Xbox One, Series X, and S. This also means that it’ll come out the day the Series X and S’ are going to be released!

For a game being developed by almost a single person, The Falconeer looks breathtaking. Not only does it have amazing unique visuals, but the gameplay also seems very smooth and dynamic, and it’s something all Indie game fans should keep an eye on!

Here’s the release date trailer:

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Luka Midoski

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