Time Left on a Discounted Game is Now Shown on the Nintendo eShop

There is a new sale games feature that is currently in effect on the Nintendo eShop. People currently browsing the shop will be having a lot easier time choosing what to buy and most importantly when to buy them. The reason behind that is because now each sale listing of a game is shown for how long is it gonna last. This feature is live on the Japanese, European, and North American eShops.

This text about how much time is left for a sale will be directly under the games art and it is usually with a grey color but it turns red when there is only 2 days or less time to grab the game.

Also, this is displayed on searching for a game and it is shown directly under the percentage off.

This is not the only major feature update, now people from Japan will be able to cancel pre-orders that they have placed as announced by Nintendo. And if this is not known already games can be filtered to show discounted ones, for everyone looking for a discounted game.

You can see this new Nintendo eShop sale game change in effect on the Nintendo Switch. 


Slave Slavkovski

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