Toby Fox Gives An Update To The State Of Deltarune

Toby Fox, the solo developer behind Undertale, recently posted a blog on his page of the current state of his upcoming game, Deltarune. After the enormous success of Undertale, Toby Fox started his new upcoming project, Deltarune. During Halloween, he released Deltarune – Chapter One for free, on which we haven’t gotten any more news. Fox plans to release the game in separate chapters.

According to his blog post, Chapter Two is about 50-80% complete, and the game is going to be bigger and will have more content than Undertale. Unlike Undertale, there’s a team helping Toby develop his game, while he still has a system programmer’s lead role. 

But, not everything has been going to plan. Toby wrote on his blog that he spent a lot of time looking for another game engine, while in the end, he still stuck with GameMaker – the engine he used to create Undertale. Another problem that occurred during development was Toby’s wrist and hand pain. He stated that he has always had wrist and hand pain, but about 5 months ago, his wrist hurt more than ever. Toby said that he couldn’t type, use the keyboard, etc. But through weightlifting and other exercises, his hand is back to normal, and he can work on Deltarune without any problems. 

There’s no release date on Deltarune, but what we do know now is that Toby hasn’t left it in the dust, like a lot of people speculated. It’s regarded to as the sequel to Undertale. However, it is a pretty mysterious game overall, and something that all Undertale fans can’t wait for!

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