Torchlight III Launches This October

Action RPG dungeon crawler Torchlight III has been announced to leave Early Access October 13th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, along with a Nintendo Switch version, which will come out later this year. It is priced at 39.99$, ten more than the price for the Early Access. What’s worth mentioning is that the version of the game for each console will be a bit different, as all the platforms will get another colored fairy pet to start your journey.

Torchlight III is the third installment to the Torchlight series, taking place one century later after Torchlight II. You’ll need to save your world, Novastraia, from the evil forces of the Netherim and its allies. Like the previous two Torchlight games, this one will also feature 4-player co-op mode, offline single-player, three acts, fully customizable forts, four hero classes, and five relics. There will also be an endgame experience called Fazeer Shah’s Dun-Djinn for those who like more challenges.

However, Torchlight III was first supposed to be more MMO-like, going by the name of Torchlight Frontiers, but Echtra Games scrapped that idea and made it into the third addition to the series. Be wary for Torchlight III fellow RPG fans, as the Torchlight series is not to be slept on.


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