Valorant 1.08 Patch Notes, Buffs Guardian and Changes Raze

Valorant’s patch 1.08 is here to shuffle the current game meta. Weapons are always subject to change, as we’ve seen some changes done to one of the high-caliber weapons, the Guardian. It seems that Riot Games wants to buff the weapon even further. Valorant’s patch 1.08 is here to alter some character’s abilities too, and Raze is among them.

Below you can find Raze’s changes, and possibly a reason to its retrieval back to the meta.


Blast Pack

  • Initial damage reduced to 15 with a .2 meter inner radius, falling off to 5 minimum damage
  • Once the satchel lands, it arms after .5 seconds, increasing it’s max damage to 50
  • Shooting the blast pack causes it to detonate, dealing its current damage amount
  • Satchel no longer does damage allies

On the other side, the Guardian Weapon still seems disturbing. Previously, Riot Games wanted to buff the weapon and encourage players to buy it in an weird economy situation, but it seems that it didn’t clinch it. For that reason, the Guardian is getting a price reduction, improved rate of fire, and more. Check the full changes below:

  • Price reduced from 2500 >>> 2400
  • Improved Rate of fire from 4.75 >>> 5.25 RPS (rounds per second)
  • Improved weapon recovery from .35 after 3 bullets to .2925 after 3 bullets

Back to the map rotation. This is some serious issue simply because the game can sometimes become annoying. Valorant will now serve maps based on your previous matches and will try to put players on a map they haven’t been part of during the last couple of games. This will diversify a lot of things, and in one word, kill the boredom and monotony.

  • Matchmaking queue for all modes has been updated to measure all your recently played maps, throughout all modes, so that for any given queue you:
    • Have a better chance of playing on a map you haven’t played recently
    • Are much less likely to play on the same map several games in a row

As usual, the Bug Fixes and Quality of Life issues are also part of the Valorant 1.08 update, and you can find them on the official website.

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