Warzone’s new Subway System Prone to Exploit That Grants Easy Wins

With the release of Modern Warfare & Warzone’s Season 6, players have found something exciting. To clarify, it’s not weird to be a part of a juicy exploit shortly after the release of new content, especially if it grants easy wins. Most of the players would adopt that in their strategy to grind through their Battle Pass faster. It appears that the new Subway system has introduced a new and unintended flaw that allows players to win without being exposed to a firefight.

At this point, Warzone has reached an enormous file size, which is hardly going to be a part of a fully polished version, as multiple other bugs and game crashing issues have risen. But back to the main subject, the flaw that we mentioned in the paragraph above. Season 6 has added Metro, a subway system that allows players to travel between stations. The Subway system is not working as intended as it allows players to revive each other continuously. To replicate this, all you need is a gas mask that would desync the damage taken between the players once the gas arrives. It’s all rinse and repeat from there.

A YouTuber named James Doyle posted a video of his first win using the exploit. You can watch the video below:

While many of the fans would probably believe this is cheating, it is not. It is just a faulty code that allows players to travel between stations without taking a considerable amount of gas damage. The glitch has gone viral since the moment it was discovered, and multiple people have given their opinion on the lousy game development.

In other news, players are currently devastated by the game crashing issue, which occurs quite frequently, disabling parties to enjoy the game playing together. Lobbies also tend to disband if players are tinkering their loadouts during a queue. In-game crashes are also frequent atm, presumably to be followed with a new patch to fix the issue.

Season 6 in Modern Warfare and Warzone arrived yesterday, Monday, September 29.

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