Zoids Wild Infinity Blast Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast is an upcoming Zoids fighting game, exclusive for the Switch. It is set to release November 26 on the Japanese market. The game is based on the Japanese cartoon series Zoids which includes animal-like robots fighting each other. The game was announced this June by developers Taka, and it has appeared several times on the Corocoro magazine.

The demo version for Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast included six different playable machines, while there were 30 shown in silhouette. The playable machines were:

  • Gannontoise
  • Scorpear
  • Beast Liger
  • Gabricator
  • Cannon Bull
  • Gilraptor

Some of the other Zoids confirmed for the final game are:

  • Rising Liger
  • Fang Tiger
  • Zero Grizis
  • Genospino
  • Sonic Bird
  • Blade Liger
  • Geno Breaker
  • Command Wolf
  • Death Stinger

We recently got a gameplay trailer which includes both cinematic shots and actual gameplay footage of Zoids Wild: Infinity Blast:

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