CoD: Black Ops Cold War seems less exciting than Modern Warfare

CoD: Black Ops Cold War beta has become accessible to everyone. I have to point out. I doubt it will reach the same point of successful feedback compared to its predecessor, Modern Warfare. But, in our choice, we have made some effort to compile the best guns and loadouts that usually do good in different combat scenarios. Throughout the process, we noticed that many attachment attributes don’t seem to represent their exact strength. In contrast, the scorestreaks, a.k.a. killstreaks, do not have the same power as in Modern Warfare, and they feel less rewarding. We’ve had the chance to play the game for two extra days before the open beta kicked in, and we already feel overwhelmed, which wasn’t the case with Modern Warfare.

Weapons and Grind

Black Ops Cold War is less exciting than the Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare, and there are multiple reasons for it. However, one thing remained the same, and that is the grind. We all know the same grind is mandatory for upgrading the weapon levels to unlock some extra beneficial attachments contributing to weapon damage or accuracy. In the end, it’s all about that, while the speed doesn’t seem as mandatory choice as the previous two.

Assault Rifles should get a slight buff

This weapon category probably fulfills its duty the best in Black Ops Cold War. The long-distance fights might be rare occasions in the currently allowed Quick Games such as TDM, while they kind of dominate at long range with ease. We’ve had the opportunity to master the AK47 and unlock every attachment, as well as try out the XM4, for which we can both consider for the right choice.

SMGs are way overpowered

Undoubtedly the most powerful choice for a fast-paced close-quarter combat scenario. Even far more potent than what it used to be in Modern Warfare. The Milano 821 and the MP5 both seem like a solid choice against any assault rifle opponent and are most likely to win a fight against any AR weapon at close combat. One perk the SMGs have, no matter which attachment you’re using, you’ll still aim down sights faster than any other more significant weapon caliber. We have already mastered the MP5, so we’ll post our loadout soon and the Milano 821, which is coming later today. Probably the two most vital firearms to demolish an enemy team in multiplayer.

Snipers are a one-shot sensation

But, what about the other weapons categories? Well, the snipers are the biggest threat in the game due to its one-shot phenomenon. But that’s only in multiplayer and games that players do not have extra armor, unlike Warzone or Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. However, it bothers us to know that aerial encounters with this weapon caliber are as precise as usual. Yes, they defy gravity, and as long as your crosshair is on the enemy, no matter if you’re in the air or not, or jumped from a building and still haven’t touched the ground, the bullet will meet its target. I guess it’s only a video game?

Beta Level cap increase 17.10.2020

Now that the character level cap was increased, we’ll have the opportunity to unlock two more scorestreaks and see how they work, but they seem weird too. They are not overpowered or anything, but even the slightest UAV gives the opponents a huge advantage, considering that the Ghost perk works differently than in Modern Warfare. There are so many other things to point out, but we’ll stay short and move onto our MP5 and AK47 builds. Probably the two most potent weapons in the game, besides the snipers, of course. But I have to hop to the builds now. Stay tough, my friends, and don’t burn yourself in Black Ops Cold War beta, at least now when there’s no incentive to it.

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