CoD: MW & Warzone patch fixes the AS VAL, nerfs the SP-R 208, but misses the Stim bug

Infinity Ward’s CoD: Modern Warfare & Warzone has just received a new patch that tweaks a couple of known issues. Season 6 hasn’t been perfect so far, and players are frustrated with the presence of bugs and exploits. Disrespectful players will always be on the rise whenever a game offers them a free win, even if it’s an exploit.

One of them was the renowned AS VAL intense wall bang bug, which allowed bullet penetration through multiple walls – a relatively moderate bug that granted a slight advantage over others. The new marksmen rifle, SP-R 208, was also nerfed. It was known as a hitscan weapon – a powerful bullet velocity that had to be reduced.

However, the primary topic among today’s changes is still the Stim bug that allows players to stay in the gas for an infinite period of time and heal themselves. This results in winning games without even encountering a fight, a rather pesky scenario that no one loves to see. This stim bug hasn’t been posted in the patch notes, which means it’s probably not fixed. Nevertheless, it may be a way for Infinity Ward to toy with all those who abused it and purposely make them try the same after the patch landed. We’ll be tracking this and let you know if it’s fixed or not.

You can find all of the changes below, as posted on InfinityWard’s official website. The update is already available to download.


  • Fixed an issue where players could survive in the gas while staying on the subway fast travel system


  • AS VAL:  
    • Fixed a bug where the SSP 10-R mags could allow bullet penetration through multiple walls 
  • SP-R 208:  
    • Increase to flinch 
    • Minor reduction to ADS speed 
    • Variable zoom scope
      • Moved weapon closer to the player while ADSing 
      • Small reduction to ADS speed
    • .300 Norma mag and .338 Lapua Mag ammo types: 
      • Reduction to bullet velocity 
      • Reduction to ADS speed 
  • SKS: Small reduction to ADS speed for variable zoom scopes 

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