Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Launch Trailer Premieres Today

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Launch Trailer will premiere in just 30 minutes from now. Beyond Light is destined to release on November 10, bringing new content and features to Destiny 2. With the release, Beyond Light will also introduce a vast content smush, shrinking the game’s massive install size to a bare minimum.

As we all know, Beyond Light will be slightly different than the previous expansions and DLCs thanks to the Content Vault. The vaulted content will be of previous campaigns and planets, most of them available with the core game such as Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

The content smush will naturally cause some of the existing Exotic quests and items to lose its presence in the world. Nevertheless, with the start of Year 4, all of the exotics tied to vaulted quests will be available through a Memorial kiosk in the Tower. The content that will become obsolete is rather significant and will help players, especially newcomers, on their way to success in Destiny 2.

It’s time to look at where you’ve been and to understand where your road leads. As your journey continues, you will carry the Light into the Darkness and see how much farther there is to go. Eyes up, Guardian – Darkness is here, and a new era is nigh.”

The frontier of Europa holds many lost secrets from the past, including the dark power of Stasis. Work with the mysterious Exo Stranger to harness this new power before Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, bestows it on her Fallen forces. Grow your arsenal, command Stasis, and go beyond the Light.

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