Gears 5 Xbox Series X/S upgrade to introduce a new Game Plus and Ironman Mode

Gears 5 will be crowned with more new stuff thanks to the next-gen upgrade, such as a new Game Plus and campaign alteration that will extend the game length to some extent. Dave Bautista is estimated to replace Marcus Fenix in the campaign, alongside new campaign difficulties Ironman and Inconceivable.

According to The Coalition, a lot of extra content will be available with the next-gen update, including new weapon skins and additional achievements that will add to the player’s progress. The most exciting addition will probably be the Ironman Mode, which is a new and challenging game difficulty. Its definition is to make sure the game’s difficulty reflects the player’s skill in the best possible way.

Ironman is a hardcore difficulty giving the players a single life to run through the content. In this new Gears 5 mode, death is very rigorously punished and unacceptable. Inconceivable is there to slightly increase the difficulty of the currently highest difficulty level in Gears 5, which is seen as a challenging obstacle for skilled players.

For all of this to arrive on the Xbox Series X and S, we’ll have to wait until November 10, when the release of the next-gen consoles occurs. Until then, stay safe, everyone!

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