Is Battlefield 6 going to be a successful title or just another disappointment?

We want to discuss EA’s upcoming first-person shooter slated to release in 2021, a part of the renowned Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 6. Its predecessor, or Battlefield 5, didn’t manage to hit the designated sale numbers for a reason, as it failed to produce a substantial amount of content – entertainment. But what about the upcoming Battlefield 6? Would it differ from its predecessor at all?

Is Battlefield 6 mending towards a successful title?

EA has to step up their game if they want to entice a more significant Battlefield 6 player base. But, what’s mandatory for that? Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 had a weird refreshment, and both of them performed very well compared to Battlefield 5. Not to mention, Battlefield 5 launched in the era of a bad rating Call of Duty title, which should’ve naturally bolstered the sales even higher. During its timeline, BF5 received a couple of content updates, including a Battle Royale game mode, which doesn’t seem to have fascinated the fans. We feel like the Battle Royale battle is already lost, considering the enormous success of CoD: Warzone, which will carry on in CoD: Black Ops Cold War too. It’s one of the most vital revenue generators for Activision, and we highly doubt EA will be ready to respond with greater creativity than that.

Genuinely, we believe that is the fact of the game’s WW2 setting. We feel that the players look towards the future more than the past, seeking a modern gameplay activity to fill their free time with. If we were up to compare the successes of CoD against BF, especially with the latest series, there’s no doubt CoD wins. But, Black Ops Cold war releases a month from now, while Battlefield 6 is expected to be announced somewhere around the beginning of 2021 and arrive in the latter half. This could potentially indicate an upper hand for EA.

We believe that whoever goes back in time, trying to turn a dull story into a modern wonder, turns terrible. In this case, the Black Ops Cold War age goes back to the 1980s, while EA’s BF6 will probably get back to its modern timeline, just as an FPS should look and feel like. Whether or not BF6 succeeds in its goals, it remains to be seen how EA will respond to its strongest competitor, Activision’s Black Ops Cold War.

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