Josh Journey: Darkness Totems Demo Available on Steam

Hello fellow players! We have a new game to review. Today we have decided to write a mini prereview about a new game called Josh Journey: Darkness Totems.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems, developed by Provincia Studio, is the perfect mixture of Golden Axe, Chrono Trigger, Zelda, and other classic games that were popular in our childhood. It is full of battles, a journey filled with adrenaline and constant exploration of the land.

Something that we know is certain, is the great illustration and animation that this game has. Its developer, Provincia Studio was founded by Guilherme and luri Araújo. They are coming from Brazil, and have had their studies taken in France, at Gobelins l’école de l’image, on the International Summer School Program in Character Animation.

Let’s get back to the game. Its resolution and frame rate is 1920 x 1080 with 60fps. Its main storyline is a world, The Province World, which is getting invaded by nightmare monsters from the Dream World. The ruler of Dark Side of Dreams (get it?!), called Darkness Shadow, is sending his soldiers (monsters and all other sorts of creatures) to gain control over the four main provinces and plant Darkness Totems all over the land. The provinces are Wind, Water, Desert, and Industrial. For you as a player, your mission is to fight against these monsters, destroy all of the Totems and restore peace and harmony in their World.

You can choose one hero out of four. Each one of them is special in their own way, has a unique set of skills that are quite useful against the Nightmare Monsters.

The first hero is called Josh the Swordsman. He is using the element of wind, which gives him excellent dexterity, has quick strikes and this hero can quickly navigate in space. His strong side is aerial combat, where his strength is at the maximum.

The second hero is called Melina the Sorceress, which has water as her main element. She has long-raged projectiles, which uses to show her ultimate power against her enemy. She can control the crowd with ease.

The third hero is called Farquol the Nomad, which understandably, has the earth element to his side. This hero has strikes that sometimes can be slower and harder to hit, but its counterpoint is packing an even larger attack.

Last but not least is Z.O.Z., the Multitask Robot. This hero is accompanied by the element of fire, and has a wide range of skills, going from explosive long-distance projectiles to using props and hazards in a quite smart way.

Something that is great about this game is that all of the heroes, monsters, and other props are in 2D and are hand-drawn animations. The player can switch heroes quickly during the gameplay, and it can also explore the environment in different provinces. You can also have epic battles with the Big Bosses in the game. It is also worth mentioning that you can build your own Ability Board which will have special attacks that can be used during the battles in Josh Journey: Darkness Totems.

Josh Journey: Darkness Totems demo is currently available on Steam, so if you want to give it a go, we recommend visiting this link.

For last, the devs are planning to release Josh Journey: Darkness Totems on consoles as well.

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