King Arthur: Knight’s Tale takes Players To Arthurian Legend As Mordred

Hungarian studio NeocoreGames has officially unveiled their upcoming game, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, an XCOM-like spin to Arthurian legend. If you don’t already know, NeocoreGames are the minds behind the Van Helsing RPG Series, Warhammer 40K Martyr, or, long ago, the King Arthur series of games (which are different compared to the upcoming one). Here’s the official announcement trailer:

In the game, you play as Mordred, the main villain of the Arthurian legends. Both you and Arthur have fallen in a duel between each other, but the Lady of the Lake has revived you both. King Arthur has brought some dark forces to Avalon, so the Lady entrusts you, Mordred, to take him down. You’ll also be aided by Arthur’s once-Knights of the Round Table, which will react to every single one of your decisions, in a good or a wrong way, making the game very RPG-like.

NeocoreGames has launched a Kickstarter, intending to raise 115,000 £. This isn’t like most Kickstarters, they’ve already completed the game, but they want to make it better with more content. Knight’s Tale is currently in development for PC, aiming for an early 2021 release.

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