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Pokemon Go Compatibility will be added to Pokemon Home before the end of 2020

Pokemon GO is linking with Pokemon Sword and Shield through Pokemon Home! There has been some news that there will be some kind of a transfer of Pokemon between these two, mainly because of the newest additions to the Pokemon Home app.

It is interesting to see how all of this will work, including the transfer. We guess that there will be some kind of a limitation on which Pokemon can be transferred, like Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon that are not yet released in Pokemon GO. There are even sayings that this transfer is only one way, Pokemon GO to Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Once a Pokemon is transferred, it can not be brought back to Pokemon GO. Once a player decides which Pokemon to transfer, there will be a cooldown period, which we guess can be shortened by using some PokeCoins.

As always, by using this new system, you get some perks, like getting a Meltan in PoGO and a Melmetal with a capability to Gigantamax in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The Melmetal one is quite rare and we believe that it will be great to have this kind of a Pokemon in your team. This special kind of Melmetal will possess an ability that is called Max Meltdown, which is very unique. With this, we think it is worth to invest in Pokemon Home.

It is about the usage of PokeCoins. Many of the fans of the game are younger, which means that they can not spend money on PokeCoins without their parents’ permission. It could reduce the number of active players that can connect PoGO and Pokemon Sword and Shield.

We (the ones that can use the transfer system) will be able to get a glimpse of the new system before the end of the year. Having the opportunity to link the two games could offer more opportunities once it gets rolled out into the world.

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