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Pokemon Go Datamine Hints at Team Go Rocket Strange Eggs

Update: Trainers, the official Pokemon Go Japan Twitter account is now teasing the arrival of the Team Go Rocket Strange Eggs. There is no info when the Strange Eggs will arrive, but we expect to see them in the game very soon.

Previous Story: Our fellow dataminers have discovered something interesting, or should we say “an Inter-egg-sting Strange Eggs.”

The newest datamine shows additions of something called Strange Eggs, a Shadow Mewtwo, and a six-stage Team GO Rocket Special Research with the name An Inter-egg-sting Development.

As you might remember, July 2019 was the month when Team GO Rocket decided to join Pokemon GO and took over numerous PokeStops. When a trainer defeats a Grunt, they have the chance to catch a Shadow Pokemon and purify it if they want. At first, only Gen I starters were available as Shadow Pokemon, but that list has expanded since then.

According to PokeMiners, Strange Eggs might give us a bigger chance of having more types of Shadow Pokemon, since this type can not be found outside of the battles with Team GO Rocket Grunts. This new type of Eggs will be obtained through Rocket Leader Battles and they can supposedly hatch Poison and Dark Type Pokemon. As always, to get an Egg a player must have a free Egg slot.

Back in February 2020, the famous dataminers discovered something called the Team GO Rocket Red Egg, so we can not help but think that this Strange Egg is the same egg as the Red Egg.

Please note that the above information is datamined and can therefore change or not be released at all. We should just sit back and wait for the wonders of the Pokemon GO world.

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