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Pokemon Go: Halloween 2020 Event Predictions

The spooky month is here, which means Halloween 2020 Pokemon GO edition is right around the corner. This is probably one of the most anticipated events in the popular mobile game, and fans cannot wait for it to start.

There are many talks, rumors, wishes, an official announcements regarding this sinister event, where all the “monsters” will come alive. There are many predictions about it, which Pokemon will make its debut, which Pokemon will be the Raid Boss. We will know when the event begins.

One of the most popular “predictions” is the Galarian Yamask. This Pokemon was in some way confirmed with the new datamine by our Pokeminers. In the same datamine, there were mentions of Runerigus appearing in the game very soon. We might also see Frillish, because Niantic has apparently decided to release the missing Generation 5 Pokemon. This Pokemon might be the main spawn in the event.

Another Pokemon that is kind of forgotten, or quite hard to get is Litwick. Because of its Halloween-y appearance, we think that the developers will make it spawn more in the wild. Gothita though, is rarer than Litwick. It can be obtained through 10km eggs and an encounter which you will get once in a million years. This fact also makes us think that now, Gothita will be frequently spawning in the wild.

Sandile, Vullaby, and Pawniard are the new Pokemon that made its debut in the newest Red Eggs. At this moment, they are obtainable only through the Strange Eggs, but we hope that Niantic will not forget them and make them wild spawns during this event. And as always, to mix it up, we expect to see the common Ghost-type Pokemon (Duskull, Misdreavous, Ghastly, and Shuppet).

As for the Raids, Niantic teased that there will be a Special Raid Boss appearing, which recent datamine showed us that that Boss will be Dark Void Darkrai. As you might know, Darkrai is in a duo with Cresselia, which they have already put as a Raid Boss. If you remember, Heatran and Girantina have made their appearance in the game, which they all are a Generation 4 Pokemon, so the only one missing from the group is Darkrai.

As for Tier 1 raids, we expect to see some Pokemon that are less common, while for Tier 3 Pokemon like Froslass, Spiritomb, Mismagius, etc. Costumed Sableye was datamined, so probably this Pokemon will be in some level of the raids.

Oh, we almost forgot about the Mega Raids. We think that the Kanto starters will be removed from the Raids, probably (hopefully) temporarily, and Mega Houndoom, Mega Gengar, Mega Sableye and Mega Banette will take their places for this event.

These are our predictions, it does not mean that this will happen. Some of it is confirmed, some of it is not. Keep that in mind while reading this post, and keep on checking our website for any new updates.

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