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Pokemon Go: Open Letter to Niantic “Pokemon Go was my Way to Survive through bad times”

Trainers, we all know how hard it is to enjoy the game at this time, especially for players who have a disability and with the current situation have a 0% chance, or limited time to go out and enjoy all the Pokemon Go events, bonuses, and much more.

А Pokеmon Go player decided to write an open letter to the Pokemon Go community and Niantic in the hope that his demands, at least in part, would be met and all people with disabilities would have a chance to enjoy playing the game all over again.

The open letter was first posted on the official TSR by Elise_Nodel and to be honest, this is something we all should read.

Hello Niantic,

This is an open letter from someone who is alone, disabled, depressed and who never – or rarely – dares to write.

You probably know that, but I’d like to tell you there’s still a pandemic out there. In Europe – where I live – some countries (Germany and France as far as I know) decided to go for a second lockdown to face the second wave of the Coronavirus which is raising as I write these lines right now. That second wave is supposed to be more difficult to face, more dangerous and of course, more deadly.

Personally, I’m in France. As for it is right now, going outside for other reasons than work, schools, groceries, and other important things are banned, and they are also under a fine of €135 ($160), going all the way up to €3750 ($4,400) if reoffended. I’m only allowed to go out 1 hour/day (and I’m not even sure I still have the right to play in this timeframe).

Pokémon Go isn’t a good reason to go out, and I personally don’t want to take the risk of getting both a fine and a virus for some Pokémon.

Yet, events in Pokémon Go are still happening and if you want to have a chance to get the hundos, you have to go out. I understand that’s how the game was designed, but in times like we are right now, we have to change, to adapt like in a Pokémon battle and to make the game playable from home.

Yet again, you recently removed some bonuses that was there and made the game easier to play from home. I genuinely want to know and to understand why as a company you did that. There’s surely someone in your company that said it would not be appreciated by players. I genuinely want to know and to understand as well why as a company you did not listen to them.

Where I am – from my home – there’s no reachable stop, no reachable gym, I have to go out for them. I have to take the risks I mentioned above. That also means, that if I can’t go out, I won’t probably get coins. Even If I was able to play on my way to the grocery store; or in the little timeframe, I won’t play a lot and just go out for fresh air/changing ideas.

I think a lot of players will not appreciate what I’m about to say, but it’d be good if there was no event in Pokémon Go that requires you – as a player – to go out until the end of the Coronavirus (if it ever ends). The whole world isn’t facing Coronavirus as my country does; every government has taken different decisions. I’m not saying there’s shouldn’t be events at all; I’m saying these shouldn’t require going out (Spotlight hours; Community Day; etc). I’m repeating myself, but it’s not safe to go out just for Pokémon. Life is more important.

That being said, it’s also time for you, Niantic as a company to introduce more ways to play the game from home. I personnaly think that in times like this…

  • There shouldn’t be a malus/lost if you can’t go out and spin a stop.
  • There shouldn’t be a malus/lost if you can’t go out, take down a gym and keep it for 8 hours straight. I’ve read positive feedback about the new coin system in the test, but it is still way far from being in game.
  • There should be a way to trade with someone without going out. I know it’s been a controversial thing since the game is out, but there is plenty of solutions.
  • The free raid pass you get every day should be remotely.
  • Hatching bonus should be back.
  • Incense shouldn’t require the player to move.
  • There shouldn’t be events that require you to go out.

I understand and know that you Niantic as a company wants and needs to make money, and there’s also plenty of ways of doing that. I don’t want to be rude, but I think listening to your players’ base would be great. I recently started the game (will say a word on that) but I keep seeing bad things and read a lot of negative thoughts/feedback, again I don’t want to be rude, but that doesn’t give a positive image of your company.

Just saying that here; I only started the game in August 2020; I wasn’t playing in the first lockdown; so I don’t know how it was. Also, that is more personal; but I just moved; I have no books; no TV; no desktop (my laptop isn’t that strong). I’m alone, no one to see or to spend time with (physically meaning)… Pokémon GO was my way to survive through bad times and Pokémon Go gave me a reason to go through them as well.

So please Niantic; as a disabled player and someone who wants to stay safe; listen to my message. I beg you. I truly love the game and enjoy it; now I’d like to truly enjoy it from home as well. Don’t mistaken me here. That long message isn’t a complaint, it’s some kind of help/thought, because as I said I truly love the game and agree to give time to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you for that game. Thank you for giving me a reason to be alive today. Thank you for your understanding. And finally, Thank you for listening.

Stay Safe.

Elise Nodel.

The thread is receiving a lot of positive feedback and hopefully, Niantic would listen to us!

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