The Elder Scrolls 6 will possibly avoid the PS5 Platform

A while ago, Microsoft acquired Bethesda, leaving fans across the globe shocked. The continuation and development of upcoming Bethesda titles on multiple platforms remain unknown. Knowing that the PlayStation is Xbox’s biggest rival, we’re most likely to witness a shortage of Bethesda titles on the PlayStation. However, not everything needs to be taken for granted, which means there might be a small window for miracles.

In a recent interview, Phil Spencer discovered that Microsoft doesn’t focus on the monetary side. The interview was conducted by Kotaku’s Stephen Totillo, asking a question regarding The Elder Scrolls 6 and whether or not Microsoft can cope with the investment of $7.5 billion to acquire Bethesda even without distributing the game on the PlayStation platform.

On the question “Is it possible to recoup a $7.5 billion investment if you don’t sell Elder Scrolls 6 on the PlayStation,” Phil Spencer responded with “Yes.” This is probably an indication of the upcoming Xbox and PC only exclusives developed by Bethesda. Microsoft has no intention of selling games on other than their supported platforms, especially now that Xbox Game Pass has taken quite a big swing together with Xbox Game Pass.

Like it or not, this sounds like future Bethesda titles are less likely to be introduced in the PS5 repository as well. The Elder Scrolls 6 is one of Bethesda’s most vital titles, and would be sad to see not making it to the PS5 repository.

Angel Kicevski

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