Cybeprunk 2077 Interview with Principal Gameplay Animator Daniele Duri

The Principal gameplay animator of Cyberpunk 2077, Daniele Duri, has shared some things with us in a recent interview with Lucca from Italy.

The first thing Duri talked about is Night City. The citizens in it are monks, merchants, and many more. The main inspiration behind the diversity in Night City is from a situation that happened in 1980 in Hong Kong, where people were labeled as rebels, outlaws. The animators watched numerous documentaries about this period in Hong Kong, so it seems like they did a great job of depicting how the situation looked.

Next, he clarified that whichever path you chose, the animation of the character will not be changed, because it would’ve taken too much time to develop that concept. The mo-cap animations were made according to the movies they took inspiration from, like Takeshi Kitano’s movies for their yakuza corpus and the Mad Max series for the nomads in the lands.

Later in the interview, Duri said that the mo-cap animations were very problematic in the beginning so every animation you see in the game probably took many hours to make it perfect. The same goes for the first-person camera animations. The animator did not forget to mention that Mike Pondsmith helped CD Projekt on many things, but the COVID-19 situation put everything on pause and the developers decided to add a character that is inspired by him. Pondsmith even voiced the lines of the character.

As the interview progressed, he was asked about the expansions, to which he said that he is not allowed to talk about them, but reassured us that many things will be added, including skills. He even talked about the main quest, and he said that it will be much shorter than the one for The Witcher 3. The RPG elements of the game will be visual, meaning that the eyes of the character will zoom in and report specific things.

One thing that can become problematic, is that if you headshot a character that is many, many levels above you, it will not die.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Cyberpunk 2077 will not be released soon, because they are currently working on improving the quality for both of these current-gen consoles.

Thanks to Kiras3n for the translation from Italian to English.

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