DayZ Experimental Update 1.10 Introduces New Changes

DayZ is undoubtedly one of the most authentic survival games. Even though we can all agree it’s a great game, the developers behind Bohemia Interactive are still working on it and trying to introduce fresh changes. Those changes first arrive on the experimental servers, allowing players to test them before they come on the live servers. Today, Bohemia Interactive announced that the already existing experimental 1.10 received new changes.

As expected, the update released today, titled 1.10.153537, fixes a lot of known issues. Keep in mind that this update is only available on the experimental servers. As we can see, a lot of surprising factors have come into place. Thanks to all of the changes, DayZ much common ground.

Some of the listed changes are indeed player’s favorites. The tarp gets an increased inventory size, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms have higher energy values, and harvesting tools are no longer prone to damage as before.

For a detailed list of changes, check the changelog below:


  • Tanning leather was possible even when the pelt or garden lime were ruined
  • Food was disappearing from a long wooden stick when dragging it to players shoulder
  • Un-equipping an item before a melee attack animation was finished could cause desync of the hand slot
  • The player was unable to respawn through the news respawn screen while being unconscious
  • Shock from broken legs was not dealt properly when swimming or on ladders
  • Fruits and mushrooms were not decaying over time
  • The health of an item was not properly reflected in the food decay process
  • Clothes could disappear after getting ruined when jumping out of a car
  • Destroyed tent parts still looked pristine
  • Certain airfield objects were glowing at night
  • A Gunter 2 was spawning badly in the Svergino parking lot (Chernarus) –
  • Text was overlapping or cut off in the tutorials screens in certain languages and resolutions


  • Lowered the maximum energy buffer of the player
  • Lowered the energy penalty in the lower warning cold state
  • Increased the overall energy values of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms
  • Shock now regenarates slowly when idle on a ladder or swimming with broken legs
  • You can now open food cans with the Hand Saw
  • Lowered the aggro rate of infected towards the Signal Pistol shooter
  • Pepper, Potato, Tomato and Zucchini can now appear also in dried or rotten state
  • Trees now drop long wooden sticks instead of small wooden sticks
  • Reduced the damage to tools when mining bushes, splitting wood and stone
  • Reduced damage to tools when sawing a wooden log
  • Reduced damage to tools when cutting a pumpkin
  • Increased the inventory size of Tarp


  • Tweaked: The delta modifier of food decay should be easier to mod now

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