Escape From Tarkov launches Early Technical Test servers

Battlestate Games has developed a huge update, destined to shape the future of Escape From Tarkov. Unlike the report yesterday, the update is not on the live servers, but instead, it’s a whole different instance of technical test servers. To join and participate in the technical test (ETS), you will need to fill a registration form. Only those who are eligible to get into will be invited.

By doing this, players will get the opportunity to taste the latest changes in Escape From Tarkov’s development before they’re pushed on the live servers. This is the first boot of technical test servers in Escape From Tarkov’s history, and the technical servers contain changes that differ from the live servers. This extension should help Battlestate Games get closer to the golden predisposition and alleviate any issues.

Any successful discoveries, bug fixes, and further changes will probably be replicated and pushed on the live servers. The ETS is already live atm. This change differs from the initial information given yesterday, and the update is not on the live servers, but instead, it’s an experimental phase being in power.

We’re happy that EFT is finally getting this, and we hope that BSG will get rid of all “anomalies” in the live version of the game!

According to Battlestate Games:

To participate in ETS testing, you will need to apply for registration through a special form in the launcher, after which the participants will be selected. To participate in selection, you will need an active copy of Escape from Tarkov

Our team is constantly working on improving Escape from Tarkov. With each patch we add new mechanics, functionality and content to the game, but more and more time we spend on testing and identifying potential problems and bugs. We need your help!

To test and run new features, content and updates before they appear in the game, and to enable players to contribute to the world of Escape from Tarkov, we launch Early Test Server (ETS).

ETS is also designed to help identify unobvious problems, bugs, and deficiencies, as well as complex bugs that cannot be found in a short time with limited effort. Thanks to your efforts, players on the main servers will receive a more stable and improved version of the game with every next update, and we in turn will get more useful information for quick fixes of detected errors.

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