Kadabra is Coming Back to Pokemon Trading Card Game

As you might have noticed, Pokemon Trading Card Game does not have Kadabra in its card decks. You might be wondering why, but finally, we have the answer for it. This goes back to the year 2000 when Geller Sued Nintendo. The name of the Pokemon and the power has been majorly inspired by Uri Geller, a famous Israeli magician that made spoon-bending popular.

The Japanese version of the name is quite close to the magician’s name when read out loud, Yungerer. When Geller decided to sue Nintendo, he asked for Kadabra to be completely removed from the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Well, since learning about this ban, many fans of the game have been trying to reach out to Uri Geller and ask him if he is willing to let Pokemon Trading Card Game use Kadabra again.

Fortunately, their wishes have finally been granted. Uri Geller has stated that because of the large number of emails he received, he has decided to lift the ban and let Pokemon TCG use Kadabra again. He has sent a letter to the chairman of Nintendo, giving him full permission to do this.

If Kadabra makes its comeback to the game, we are sure that its pricing will be enormous. Not to mention, players will not have to skip Kadabra’s evolution anymore. We are in no doubt that when and if this card gets released, it will become a treasured collectible.

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