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Niantic and Pokemon Go Compensate for Adventure Sync Issues

Not a day goes by without Pokemon GO players reporting a bug that the game has. This time it is a problem with the Adventure Sync.

This type of bug completely stopped working for some users after an update was forced for both iOS and Android (Android 9 and below). Eggs did not hatch while the app was closed, which became a big problem when you want to hatch a Red Egg, which requires 12km to be walked. One player expressed his concerns about this, and even mentioned that both apps, his Google Fit and Pokemon GO are up to date, and he had Adventure Sync running in the background, but this did not count the steps at all.

You can go back to the 0.187 version via APK, but recently Niantic has officially announced that due to the bug affecting many players, they have implemented Egg Incubators that will be hatching eggs at 25% the usual distance.

The 1/4 Hatch distance bonus will be live until November 13, 2020 at 3 PM PT.

We hope that Niantic finds a way to fix this as soon as possible because it might become a bigger problem in the next few days.

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Dejan Kacurov

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  1. The shiny Riolu is in the 7K eggs. This in itself is so rare that we rural people are really trying to hatch this. The 15K eggs would be wonderful if I were not hatching the Trubbish that also hatch from the 5K eggs. Such a waist in the 15K eggs.
    Adventure Sync is having problems. Thank you for listening

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