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Pokemon Go Players Losing Shiny Guaranteed Catches over a Bug

So, Trainers, there are many reports that say that players around the globe are currently losing PokeBalls on every Raid encounter, many say they’ve lost Darkrai, some even Darkrai’s shiny form. That’s crazy because all T5 Raid shinies are a guaranteed catch.

It seems like everything started a few months ago, and Niantic and Pokemon Go know about the glitch and said they would fix it. Well, it has not been huge of a problem until a few days ago and the glitch kept getting worse and worse, causing Pokemon Go to be unplayable.

So what’s this glitch about? Well, some call it “PokeBall sticking,” others call it “PokeBall freezing” bug. As of this last update, nearly all Pokeball throws get “stuck” on the screen leading to difficulties and failures with the most basic element of this game. It has somehow expanded from just Raids to now every wild spawn, field research, in-person Raids, Remote Raids, etc. We all know that catching a Pokemon in Pokemon Go is the most important part of the game, but this glitch is stopping you from doing so.

Check out the reports from the TSR Pokemon Go community:

Yep, it’s a glitch at a very important part of the game. I thought it was happening because I upgraded phones and something was weird between the two but this confirms it. It’s both annoying and costly, fix the glitch Niantic.”

“I’ve noticed it’s happening more and more, I’ve also had it just throw the Pokeball when I go to click on Ultraball or berries or even run.”

“Agreed. My gf lost a shiny Darkrai in a remote raid due to the glitch. All Niantic did when she emailed them was apologize and give her one free remote raid pass. 😐”

“Ok, I thought I was going nuts. This is the most frustrating bug I’ve experienced in this damn game. How do you mess up the core mechanic?”

Have you experienced something like this in the last few days? Did you lose a guaranteed catch? We would like to hear from you, so please leave us a comment below.

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  1. Yes I have had this happen to me with a shiny darkrai when the pokeball would stall and when I closed the game and went back in I lost the pokemon and it was not in my box. I did not know where to go and who to talk to. Can you help me out with this please and thank you.

    1. Hi there and thank you for your comment. There is no info on how to fix this and it seems like this is happening on Niantic’s side. That being said, they have to roll a new update and fix the issue. Try sending them an email and maybe, just maybe they will help you out. There is nothing we can do on our side. There are many reports and we hope Niantic will fix this ASAP.

  2. I have lost .any balls due to this glitch, I have had balls jump also. Very annoying when its already hard to catch tier 5 boss.

  3. I lost a Shiny Darkrai in a raid battle that 3 others and I defeated yesterday afternoon (11-02-2020). I had a total of 12 Pokéballs and 20+ berries to use. But I’ll be damned, each and EVERY time I threw a ball it created glitching, delaying, and lagging costed me the opportunity to FINALLY catch a Shiny Darkrai. Niatic also then issued ONE (1) free raid pass for the inconvenience… It took me 2 attempts and having 3 other trainers battling with me for the win the raid batle.

    I think that Niantic needs to acknowledge, apologize, and give ALL trainers a Darkrai or Shiny Darkrai as a result of losing out due to the glitches and lagging. I’m sure there is a way for them to determine, review, and confirm any or all trainer names that competed in raid battles over the last 3 days or more.

    NIANTIC do the right thing and think about it

  4. I have had this happen to me trying to catch a shiny Darkrai. The poke ball would stall or get stuck in the middle of me trying to catch my shiny. I would then close out the app to return to resume and no Darkrai. Very frustrating!

  5. Yea same here except that every time I log in it freezes right off the bat!! So frustrating. I was at level 35 and now had to start over and now I’m at level25. I thought it might have been my phone but I upgraded to a new phone and yea no it still does that. And it started on the night that there was a ton of airadacktel and that’s what I have been needing for almost a year I’m super mad

  6. This happens to me all the time. I’m in the same boat as the guy in the article…Niantic just gave me a free raid pass.

  7. I did manage to catch a shiny darkrai, but it took almost all of my balls when it should have been a guaranteed catch on the first ball.

  8. I have not lost a shiny Darkrai, but have lost regular Darkrai three times and I blame the sticking balls and balls that deploy when you touch then, before you have the opportunity to fix them. It’s really frustrating to spin the ball and wait for the circle to be just right for an excellent throw only to have the ball stick where you were spinning it. I hope it will get fixed really soon.

  9. I’ve had problems from the battle leagues to raid catches where if the ball “sticks” in the middle of the screen I could be certain I would not catch the Pokemon and would have to reset my entire phone as well

  10. I was able to catch the shiny but I tried to catch 2 more and the glitch made me lose both darkrie so now I’m out 2 remote raid passes and 2 darkries

  11. Have been experiencing this since around August.
    I had even reported this via Twitter on September 1st. Not a single response to that, as they only refunded my Remote Raid Pass.

    FYI, now the Pokémon Search bar is buggy. Everytime you try to change the search text, it just closes. And Willow stops animating during special research sequence. For a company that just earned $1 Billion recently, Niantic really needs to hire better quality control.

  12. I’ve also had this problem for a while. I’ve missed out on catching numerous pokemon. In and out of raids, also have had issues with throwing in a row because of them sticking so steak gets broken.

  13. Seems like this has happened to me soo many times with the ball glitching out and throwing balls for no reason i even had raids not work that just froze and all theu do is give a free remote raid pass thats not the issue i need the big to be fixed im losing passes and passes that i paid for when will this issue be fixed also problems w battle it says weak connection all the time and cant fight Whats up dont they make enough money to fix these problems

  14. This is not a recent bug with this game. This same thing happened to me when I caught the rare Alolan Raichu. I contacted support & all I got was a “Sorry” & a premium pass. They also said they had no control over the game & couldn’t give me, my rightfully caught, pokemon back. I NEVER believed their excuses because they can shut down your account if you are caught spoofing or doing anything against their rules.

  15. This glitch has been going on for a while. I lost a guaranteed catch on Pokemon Go Fest 2020. I was catching the shiny O unknown it popped out of my ball and then flew away. So many times my ball has stopped in mid air so its not just the past few days. I was so upset because I would have had both the shiny G and the O but my O blew away. I’ve had that happen before and I still found it in my pokedex…NOT THIS TIME…I’m still upset about it. Wish I could get it back. Good luck guys!!

  16. I lost 5 darkrie. And at least 2 to 3 times a day the pokeball sticks . Sometimes you can grab it and throw it again. Just today it froze then the game shut off. Fix the problem. Some are paying money to play this game and they know there’s a problem but do nothing.

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