Pokemon Go: Pokemon HOME, Lake Legends and 12 Days of Friendship Events Leaked

Trainers, three new events are on the way and each event looks very promising. Sounds exciting right? Well, wait until I tell you we’re getting Shiny Meltan, the return of Lake Trio and 12-days of less Stardust on trades, double trade Candy, and much more.

Trainers, we’re looking forward to three new events in Pokemon Go, The Pokemon HOME event, the Lake Trio/Lake Legends event, and the 12-Day of Friendship event this year. There is no info about when these events will go live, but we will know soon.

Now, let’s take a look at the upcoming events.

Pokemon HOME event

The Pokemon HOME event is to celebrate the launch of the new feature HOME. This feature allows players to use the GO Transporter to send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME. Transferring a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon HOME for the first time will grant you Melmetal.

Now, about the Pokemon HOME event. We do believe that this event will bring Shiny Meltan as a bonus and they will reduce the Mystery Box time, so we could open one Mystery Box every three days, instead of seven. We expect to see other bonuses, such as Meltan Candy, new tasks, and more.

Lake Legends event

The Lake Legends or the Lake Trio, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are Regional Legendary Pokemon and they’re locked to three regions: Azelf in the Americas, Uxie in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Mesprit in Asia/Pacific. They are very rare to find, but with the upcoming event, things are about to change positively. Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit will be available worldwide. We’re not sure if these Pokemon will spawn in the wild or Raids. Anyhow, I would finally get myself a Mesprit.

12-Days Friendship event

The 12-Day Friendship event will most likely be a 12-day event during which players will get friendship-based perks. That being said, we’ll have 12 days to trade Pokemon with friends, to send and open more gifts and earn cool bonuses. I do believe this event will reduce Stardust cost on trades, increased the number of Gifts that one can send and open per day, and maybe some special Pokemon spawns.

The coming weeks will be exciting. There is so much coming, so many events, so many cool bonuses. Which event would be your favorite?

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  1. The meltan box is currently 3 days. So maybe they’ll shrink that to 1 or 2. But it hasn’t been 7 days since last may. I’m pumped. Cant wait for the event

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