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Pokemon Go XP-Rebalancing Test is Now Live, Here are the Changes

Trainers, Niantic and Pokemon Go began with the XP-rebalancing test in some parts of the world, and as they confirmed, some tests will also be available to global Trainers.

The XP-rebalancing test is live and players are reporting seeing changes in XP gain. That being said, some tasks are now giving more

The team at TSR is gathering info from the community, so you might want to check the results here. We’ll; be also listing the changes and you can find the new XP gains and the free Daily Box items below.

Catching Pokémon capture: 100 100
flee: 25 25
Nice throw: 10 20
Great throw: 50 100
Excellent throw: 100 1,000
Curve Ball: 10 20
First Throw: 50 50
100th Pokémon: 100
AR Capture: 100 300
First Catch of the Day: 1,500 1,500
Seven Day Streak: 6,000 6,000
Hatching Eggs 2 km: 200 700
5 km: 500 1,000
7 km: 500 1,500
10 km: 1,000
12 km: 4,000
Evolving Pokémon 500 1,000
New Pokédex entry 500 1,000
Feeding a berry to a Gym defender 20 50
Raids Tier 1: 3,500 3,500
Tier 3: 5,000
Tier 5/Mega: 10,000 10,000
Friends send a gift: 200 200
Good Friends: 3,000
Great Friends: 10,000
Ultra Friends: 50,000
Best Friends: 100,000 100,000
Fighting in Gyms: Defeating a Pokémon: 100 400
every Pokémon in on go: 50 150
Spinning Photo Discs: Stop: 50 100
new Disc: 250
10 unique Stops in 30 minutes: 500
first Disc of the day: 500
Seven-day streak: 2,000
Gym: 25 25
Bronze: +100%
Silver: +200%
Gold: +400% +400%
own Team: +25% +25%
Battle Together 3 Buddy Hearts, 6 when excited
Feeding Gym Defender 20  Stardust 30 Stardust per Berry fed
Defeating Rocket Grunts 15 PokeBalls

More details will be revealed soon, so stay tuned.

The testing will end on November 16, 2020.

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