SMITE: Danzaburou Abilities Revealed!

On their most recent live stream, Titan Forge revealed Danzaburou’s kit, and he sure looks like a pretty fun god! The Legendary Tanuki will make his way to the Battleground of the Gods on December 15th, as a Hunter ready to take on the Duo Lane! Danzaburou looks extremely unique compared to other Hunters, and from the gameplay footage that we got from Titan Forge’s latest stream, it looks like he’ll be flexible enough to be played in the Mid Lane.

Dubious Savings (Passive Ability)

Every time Danzaburou actively gains gold, he stores 10% into one of his money pouches instead. When a pouch is completely filled, Danzaburou gains bonus gold and a permanent Physical Power increase before switching to a larger money pouch.

Fool’s Gold (1st Ability)

Danzaburou rolls out 3 money bags that pass through and damage Enemy minions but stop on Enemy gods, slowing as they travel. Gods hit are damaged and Intoxicated, dropping a gold coin that Danzaburou or his ally gods can pick up to provide him 10 gold. When a money bag stops moving, it reveals to be an explosive which detonates after a short delay. Subsequent hits of the money bag or explosions deal 20% damage.

Alluring Spirits (2nd Ability)

Danzaburou takes a swig of his sake bottle, gaining health, before hurling it in front of him dealing damage to Enemies in the inner circle. The bottle of sake applies stacks to Enemy gods in the area slowing, and upon reaching 3 stacks, taunting (with no DR) them towards the sake bottle. Enemies that take more than 30% of their max. Health while taunted are broken out early.

Tanuki Trickery (3rd Ability)

Danzaburou creates a field where he moves faster, is slow immune and takes less damage from basic attacks. Enemies in the field are slowed by 20%. If Danzaburou leaves the field it disappears turning him into a leaf among other decoys that mimic his movement. In this state his movement speed is increased, he is still slow immune and can pass through Enemies. After a short delay from transforming, any hit from Enemy gods or if Danzaburou himself attacks, he will revert back.

Uproarious Rocket (Ultimate Ability)

Danzaburou summons a magical leaf which transforms into a large bamboo rocket! While preparing, Danzaburou can aim the rocket within 180 degrees to lock onto Enemy gods or he can refire this ability to become the rocket. Once fired the Rocket will pass through and damage Enemy minions, stopping on the first Enemy god hit damaging and stunning them while dealing 50% damage in a larger area. 

If you want to see more for yourself about SMITE’s upcoming 7.12 patch, click here. For those that want to see the Tanuki’s abilities for themselves but missed Titan Forge’s livestream, you can still check out their VOD. Danzaburou’s kit is revealed between 1:19:53 and 1:32:45.

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