Sony’s new PSVR Patent Looks Quite exciting

Sony’s new PSVR iteration looks very exciting. With the launch of the new PS5 console, Sony will develop a brand new PS5 VR, and similar to the DualSense controller, it will feature haptic feedback. Certainly, it will take a while until its deployment is finished, namely because Sony’s made the PSVR headset compatible with the PS5.

A dutch gaming magazine, has discovered PSVR 2’s new patent. It looks quite amazing. The patent shows a lighter headset than the already existing one, but the design is susceptible to change. According to the magazine, Sony’s PSVR Headset patent description is as follows:

Sony PlayStation VR headset patent description: A sensor generates signals representing whether a computer game headset is being worn properly so that the wearer may be advised. The sensor may be a pressure sensor or motion sensor or stretch sensor on the headset, or it may be a camera that images the wearer and uses image recognition to determine if the headset is on correctly. Additionally one or more light emitting diodes (LED) and / or one or more haptic feedback generators may be mounted on the headset for purposes to be shortly disclosed.

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