The Long-Awaited “Arma 4 Announcement” Suddenly Seems Very Distant

It seems that we’ve been held in the dark for quite a while now. Bohemia Interactive is not very famous for its open communication lately and usually doesn’t want to leak anything that would hurt the game’s integrity. However, we have multiple indications that Arma 4 and the Enfusion engine’s reveal is more distant than we all first believed.

First and foremost, Bohemia Interactive, the renowned developer of what’s known as the greatest milsim video game, stated that the company is working on what’s going to be the replacement of Real Virtuality as the standard base for future games. This same engine is currently in use on DayZ, but it only deals with the rendering and animations systems. Honestly speaking, that makes the game run perfectly, even though the engine is still away from its final candidate.

But when exactly is Arma 4 going to be announced?

Recently, the company has suffered a loss of developers that apparently have been working on the Enfusion engine and Arma 4. For the story to become bitter, Arma’s project lead was also among the people who left BI. Shortly after their departure, a new video game development studio was created called Ashborne Games, a subsidiary company of THQ Nordic. Roughly speaking, it has the same ideology and goals as Bohemia Interactive. According to the company profile:

New game development studio headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic. Focus on Simulation, Strategy, and RPG genres. Founded by THQ Nordic and Czech game industry veterans.

Now this move had probably caused severe damage in Bohemia Interactive’s rows. Even if the Enfusion technology was supposed to shock the public with its announcement by the end of 2020, we’re currently in November 2020 without witnessing any of it. Does that mean that Bohemia Interactive would skip 2020 and maybe announce it in 2021?

Recently, a known Twitch streamer and YouTuber by the name of OperatorDrewski made a video regarding the development status of Arma 4, and he (based on some additional unofficial sources aside from the developer problems) believes that Arma 4 is unlikely to be announced during 2020. According to the unofficial sources, the Enfusion engine is far away from perfection, and until they reach a particular performance threshold, we’re less likely to see its invention. You can check his most recent video below:

It seems that Arma 4 is more distant than we first believed, especially after the deployment of the major 2.0 update on Arma 3. What remains is to be seen, and we’ll definitely dig around the internet to find out any extra information regarding Arma 4.

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  1. It appears that there is an Arma 4 Beta version outhere thay is being tested. Noticed Operator Drewski playing the version. So for sure there is something in “the pipeline”! When the release date we can only speculate about!

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