Twitch Running Frequent Ads on Viewers Using Ad Blockers

Users running ad blockers usually do not want to pay for genuinely FREE CONTENT (had to capitalize that), and they get frustrated by a 30-second long ad. Sometimes, skippable, sometimes not, those very same users are getting mad regarding Twitch’s latest advertising choice. But why exactly?

Ads have a unique property that helps companies worldwide earn something extra to keep their lights on. This platform works in every category, TV, newspapers, online media, magazines or services, etc. When it comes to online ads, there’s a way to counter them. Some users decide to block ads using third-party software (or a browser extension) that would skip the advertisement without obstructing their viewing or reading experience. So what did Twitch do to tackle this adequately?

Twitch’s algorithm was changed to detect such an occurrence and counter it interestingly. Those running third-party ad-blocking software are now tackled not with an ad but with a static message. They’re notified that they’re using a third-party tool or browser extension that blocks ads. But that’s not the reason for the frustration; instead, it’s the frequency at which the message pops up.

According to users, Twitch is running this countermeasure at an approximate rate of 10 minutes.

Before you get mad, keep in mind that allowing ads won’t ruin your viewing experience. Yes, 30 seconds of ad help Twitch earn more and helps your favorite streamer, which by the way, sacrifices his time in making completely free-to-watch content. So far, the only way to avoid this message and not be targeted by it is by removing your third-party ad-blocker or subscribe to your favorite channel.

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  1. If they want to support streamers, they should stop promoting Amazon services and giving streamers money for viewers viewing those AND GET ACTUAL ADS. The reason a lot of people block ads is because all they see is promos for Amazon Prime, or the same ad repeatedly. If they want to play a five second pre-roll, I guarantee you most people would whitelist that because that’s minimal. But if they insist on running ads of even 15 seconds, yes, you are going to increase the rate of people trying to block them.

    Also, Twitch should try allowing streamers to choose their own advertising options. That way, sponsors can put ads on their channels relevant to what they choose. Say Blue Microphones sponsors me. I don’t want a competing ad for a similar product on my channel. My sponsor would not like that and I could lose that sponsor. And to top it off, mid-roll ads. The purple screen that comes up even if you have an adblocker on. If you want to annoy your userbase, that’s how to do it. You should not annoy your userbase. You are effectively having your stream interrupted in a key moment of the show where a new world record speedrun is being completed and Twitch decided it’s time to ruin your viewer experience.

    This is the worst mistake they have ever made and they need to stop with this nonsense, and change how advertising works. Twitch needs to change the way adtertising works, not force people to watch the same ad over and over and over and over. I have already decided Twitch will not be the site of any streaming I do; I’ll just stream to Youtube instead. Seeing what I’m seeing now made that decision. Many more streamers, now and in the future, probably will do so too.

  2. It unfortunatly also does this if you run security enhancing scripts, now I get the Amazon commercials and these annoying statics, guess it’s time to stop with twitch

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