World of Warcraft servers starting to respond slowly, don’t logout for a smoother “Shadowlands” anticipation

If you want to anticipate the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, we’d suggest you not to logout and stay logged in. Recently, we’ve noticed a slight lag in WoW’s servers, resulting in a slightly slower login time, which is safe to assume is due to the growth of logged-in users awaiting the expansion release, which is occurring in just a couple of hours from now. As we’re getting closer to its release, the servers are getting chunkier, resulting in a slow response.

The best advice would be to log in right now while the servers feel healthier and wait for the global release to occur. This will naturally help you avoid the server queue if any occurs. The initial quest to carry us into the Shadowlands will be given to players in the capital cities such as Orgrimmar and Stormwind. It would also be a pleasant view to see a vast number of players gathered in one place before the war unleashes upon us all.

Just like you, we cannot wait for the expansion to release! Until Shadowlands is released and beyond, for the Horde!

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