Complexity Limit is the first guild to kill Sludgefist on Mythic Castle Nathria

The US had the one day advantage in the first place, and they made sure it stays that way. Complexity Limit is the world’s first guild to kill Sludgefist, one of the sturdier bosses in World of Warcraft Shadowlands’ Castle Nathria. Sludgefist is the eighth boss in Castle Nathria, just before the last two, Stone Legion Generals and Sire Denathrius.

During the previous day, Complexity Limit has spent a lot of time wiping on Sludgefist. The guild pulled Sludgefist over 180 times to sustain comfortability and dominance, and everything above felt more and more, achieving eventually leading to its successful defeat.

Below you can find Complexity Limit giving the final verdict to Sludgefist:

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