Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn Update is The Best One Ever

Fallout 76, the game that was seemingly broken and unfixable in many matters, it’s now finally flawless. Bethesda has been working and never gave up on Fallout 76 in the first place and made sure to fix the game and concede the amazing Fallout journey among the players. This type of game should be played at the best possible performance level, and thanks to the latest Steel Dawn Update, that is now more than possible.

However, even if the previous Fallout 76 update had introduced a lot of good changes too, the early departure of the game had somewhat left the players to question about the current Fallout 76 gameplay experience. Many updates later, no one’s certain of the game’s current content, hence we’re here to help you with that.

Fallout 76’s Dawn Steel Update is out, and it brings a lot of surprising quests, features, and mechanics to the game. With the game running perfectly on the next-gen consoles and the game’s updates that occurred lately, this might be your new and enjoying game to strive throughout the cold winter.

The Steel Dawn update includes:

  • New Questline – Determine how you will aid The Brotherhood of Steel NPCs in the first chapter of their new all-new story.
  • New Locations and Gear – Unlock unique weapons and armor from Steel Dawn and explore new locations newly populated with members of The Brotherhood and other factions.
  • Season 3 Scoreboard – Join Time Operative K.D. Inkwell in her quest for the Guild of Antiquities and rank up to unlock new rewards including C.A.M.P. Allies, Lunchboxes, and more. Beginning December 15.
  • C.A.M.P. Shelters – Build and decorate in new underground, instanced spaces separate from your main C.A.M.P.
  • Complete a new quest and get your first Shelter free starting December 1.
  • Lite Allies – Recruit two new allies as you rank up during Season 3, who offer bonuses exclusively from your C.A.M.P.

As a celebration of the update, Bethesda has published a new Steel Dawn reveal trailer too.

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