Fortnite’s “The Spy Within” is just “Copy-Paste” of Among Us

Epic Games, the famous developer of the Battle Royale game Fortnite, has managed to create a deception game called The Spy Within. It’s a limited-time mode that puts players up to the test, similar to what Innersloth’s Among Us does. There’s no way this limited-time game mode is not inspired by the most popular deception game, Among Us. Undeniably, a bad thing to do.

The Spy Among Us is more than likely a provocation by Among Us, for which it makes things a little bit weird. We’ll explain the game mode, and you be the judge whether or not had Fortnite completely copied Among Us. Just a reminder, shortly after PUBG came out, Epic Games was the first to rush and create a Battle Royale genre themselves, which, thanks to numerous intriguing mechanics, have overtaken PUBG in the long run.

Now back to the main story. What is The Spy Among Us in Fortnite?

It’s a limited-time game mode that involves up to ten players, of which 2 of them are spies—doing the math that makes eight players working together (known as Crewmates in Among Us) to find the spies and get rid of them for good. Throughout the session, there is a voting mechanic where players gather around and communicate to identify the spies.

On the other side, the spies try to eliminate the players just like in Among Us without revealing their rash act. The winner decider is simple. The spies win upon a complete elimination, while the crewmates win if they manage to pinpoint the spies or complete all of their quests before the spies sabotage the whole plan. The only difference in the game is the setting and first-person perspective.

So, you tell me now, did Epic Games steal Among Us’ concept, or am I missing something?

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