Halo’s Master Chief Joins and Strengthens The Already Existing Forces in Fortnite

Halo Master Chief is bound to join Fortnite’s already existing forces. In collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox, the Master Chief will travel through the Zero Point, a phenomenon that unfolded with the new Fortnite Season 5. From what it seems, the Zero Point is a wicked anomaly that mixes and allots travel through different realities.

From what it seems, Epic Games tends to yield new collaborations, meaning not only the Master Chief is on its way. Instead, numerous other figures famous in the cinematic universe are most likely to arrive too.

The Master Chief set will include a complete skin, a glider, and a pickaxe already available in Fortnite’s Item Shop. As Epic Games stated:

The next figure from across realities to travel through the Zero Point is none other than the Master Chief. Defender of humanity and destroyer of alien ringworlds, few are more qualified to take on the Island’s bounties and its existential Zero Point threat than John-117.

Part of the Gaming Legends series, The Master Chief set is available in the Item Shop starting December 10 at 7 PM ET. “Chief” among this set is the Master Chief Outfit: suit up in the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor and become a Spartan-II.

Rep the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) with other items in The Master Chief set. In battle, make your landing with the UNSC Pelican Glider, a miniature Dropship 77-Troop Carrier. And cover your back with the Battle Legend Back Bling — a holographic Elite skull which serves as a trophy of the Chief’s exploits. Also, when harvesting, batter like a Brute with the Gravity Hammer Pickaxe.

You may have driven a car or a motorboat on the Island, but are you ready to tame a wild Warthog? With the traversal Lil’ Warthog Emote, take a mini-M12 Force Application Vehicle for an off-road or on-road drive.

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