Hundreds of Fortnite players already dropping in their favorite “Salty Towers”

Fortnite Season 5 is upon us, and together with it, a whole new batch POIs was introduced, among which the renowned Tilted Towers is back. Tilted Towers was the most popular POI for multiple seasons after the game came out, or better yet, until chapter 2. With the remodeling around the area, the POI has been crowned with a new name, called Salty Towers. Salty as if doesn’t reference of tryhards that are going to land there.

Salty Towers is currently the only place that’s interesting to players, as they can sense the warmth that was a part of the previous Fortnite chapter. The nostalgia never ends, and players like the new but old Fortnite vibes! If you would like to witness what we’re talking about, you should probably land at least one game in Salty Towers and see the surrounding before you land.

Almost half of the server is designated to land at Salty Towers, which currently doesn’t seem as big as the Tilted Towers back in the days. The number of people landing there will most likely cut in half soon, especially now that we have the Colosseum that looks incredibly good. It’s just the nostalgia that’s pushing them to land there.

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