Kratos’ inclusion to Fortnite is somewhat strange and “cringy”…

So we’re sure you’ve all heard the news. Kratos from the God of War franchise arrived at Fortnite as a playable character thanks to its new outfit available in the item shop. By Kratos, we mean the Kratos from the latest God of War (2018). However, many God of War fans, including myself, believe that Sony didn’t make the right decision to add Kratos to Fortnite.

Many clips were going around on Twitter of Kratos doing Fortnite dances, and looking incredibly goofy, instead of the fearless badass we all know and love. Kratos is a very complicated character compared to the other crossovers with Fortnite because he’s an incredibly depressive character. After slaughtering the entire Greek Pantheon, Kratos left his home and went to Midgard, where a new challenge awaited him – parenthood!

What’s also pretty weird is that Kratos isn’t a very kid-friendly character, and we all know that Fortnite is pretty focused on being a children-friendly game. A character that has killed a few dozen deities in many barbaric and brutal ways isn’t really the way to go if you want to make your game as close to kids as you can.

Sony also wasn’t required to make this decision, as they’ve been having a pretty great year, with the PS5 and Ghost of Tsushima both being one of 2020’s biggest hits in gaming. In conclusion, there’s nothing wrong or harmful with Kratos in Fortnite. It’s just that it’s pretty strange and “cringy” to us God of War fans.

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Luka Midoski

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