Madmind Studio releases first trailer for Paranoid

The upcoming Madmind Studio’s first-person horror game, called Paranoid, is released now, but only its trailer that is both artistic and spooky.

Madmind Studio’s game was supposed to have a different title. The developers were debating whether it should be called Succubus, Agony, or Paranoid. As we now know, the last was definitely not the least. The newly released trailer will leave you with an eerie feeling, at least.

The relatively small studio, Madmind, is comprised of a not very large number of developers. However, those developers had quite an experience working on games such as The Division and The Witcher 3. Madmind studio exists for about 4 years, and during their time, they had developed two horror games. This last one, Paranoid, is a promising one, to say the least.

The basic story of the game is creepy itself considering the playable character. Patrick has a mental disease that, as the game progresses, gradually worsens. As you will see, the trailer is filled with a large amount of frightening imagery, including a peephole view of a faceless person walking down a hallway.  Not only the gameplay and story, but the voice-over itself gives a somewhat paranoid feeling.

As we said before, this game is definitely promising. However, the release date has not been announced yet. Hopefully, this horror sensation will be followed up by many other games, becoming a franchise such as The Medium, Martha is Dead and Resident Evil.

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