New City Builder Game – Sumerians – has entered Early Access!

Sumerians is a new city builder by Decumanus Games taking place in the ancient valley of Mesopotamia. Sumeria was one of the first civilizations to ever appear on our planet, leaving behind different cultures and artifacts.

What makes this game pretty unique is that there aren’t many city sims about ancient cultures like this one, since most of them tend to focus on ancient Greece, Egypt, China, etc. because they’re more approachable to the viewers. Here’s the Early Access trailer:

Players will be able to place houses and walls in the locations they want to, giving us different options and a sense of originality. Sumerians seem to be more macro-focused, and your citizens seem to take on jobs on their own. This is more of a ‘build, and they will come’ sort of city builder, rather than worrying about the minutiae.

Sumerians Early Access is currently live on Steam, and you can get it for $14.99, but keep in mind, more content will be added in the future which could make the price go up.

Here are the game’s main features:

  • Start the game with a small settlement near a river. Your citizens will grow their own food and will get the products they need at the first market stalls.
  • Build a temple and hire priests to increase your religious reputation and attract new inhabitants .
  • Pay the salaries of your workers with the crops of your own fields.
  • Build walls. They are required for the construction of certain buildings and for the houses to level up.
  • Help your citizens achieve a balance between farmers, artisans and vendors, in addition to taking into account your own need of workers for the state.
  • Increase your agricultural areas with irrigation canals.
  • Provide services like access to water, guard posts or beautification, and your citizens will reach a high standard of living.
  • Expand your economy with transporters to move goods, storage buildings that preserve products better, new products that allow you to raise salaries for your workers, and finally by trading and profit.
  • Increase your religious efforts and achieve fame by building a great ziggurat.
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