New Torghast Quest “Remnants of Hope” Will Become Available from Bolvar

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is walking a beautiful road. Torghast, an invention that has surely touched to the core of each player with its intriguing and exceptional ability modifiers, will open other floors as well. For all the US players currently available, the new Torghast quest given by Bolvar will become available to other parts of the world after server maintenance. The quest will be available from Bolvar, located in Oribos. Players will be able to walk on a new Torghast journey and explore the new floors in the Tower of the Damned.

The quest is called “!Remnants of Hope,” and it’s only available to those who have already completed !Explore Torghast¬†during the previous week. The quest requires players to free 10 Soul Remnants. As per its official description:

Remnants of Hope

See if you can gain any new insights from the trapped Soul Remnants in Torghast.

  • 0/10 Soul Remnants Freed

According to Wowhead, the quest will reward players with 100 Soul Ash and will likely be a requirement for the next quest chain called Information for a Price. The 100 Soul Ash granted from the quest is just supplementary to the 610 available from Torghast runs.

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