Nvidia Driver 460.89 Adds Support for Vulkan Ray Tracing Extensions in Quake 2 RTX v1.4.0

A new Nvidia Game Ready Driver 460.89 was released to fulfill the requirements of Vulkan’s new Ray Tracing extensions in Quake 2 RTX 1.4.0. Nvidia’s latest driver also brings support for the CUDA Toolkit 11.2 and fixes some known issues found in the previous release candidate.

The RTX version of Quake 2 was released on June 6, 2019, with powerful overcome allowing RTX users to enjoy the game with enhanced visuals. While no other games have been impacted and nothing else is mandatory to analyze, the complete list of changes can be found below:

Nvidia Game Ready Driver 460.89 Notes

New Features and Other Changes

  • Supports finalized Vulkan Ray Tracing extensions
  • Supports CUDA 11.2

Game Ready Driver Fixes (For a full list of fixes please check out release notes)

  • N/A

Game Ready Driver Important Open Issues (For a full list of open issues please check out release notes)

  • [Nicehash, other mining software]: Mining software does not recognize the NVIDIA GPU. [3200758]
  • [GeForce GTX 1080 Ti]: The desktop screen may flicker. [3200599]
  • [Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game. [3152190]
  • [HDR]: With HDR enabled, black levels are incorrect. [200682795]
  • [G-SYNC][NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture]: GPU power consumption may increase in idle mode on systems using certain higher-refresh-rate G-SYNC monitors. [200667566]
  • [YouTube]: Video playback stutters while scrolling down the YouTube page. [3129705]
  • [Notebook]: Some Pascal-based notebooks w/ high refresh rate displays may randomly drop to 60Hz during gameplay. [3009452]
  • [G-Sync][Vulkan Apps]: Performance drop occurs when using G-SYNC and switching from full-screen mode to windowed mode using the in-game settings. [200681477]
  • To workaround, either launch the game in windowed mode directly or disable G-SYNC.
  • [GeForce RTX 3070][Clone Mode]: When the resolution is set to 2560×1440 @ 144Hz, the performance state is stuck at maximum performance. [200678414]
  • [NVIDIA Turing or later][Windows Movies and TV Player]: When playing a 4k video in fullscreen mode on a 2560×1440 HDR monitor, the video extends beyond the edge of the screen. [3186830]

You can download the latest Nvidia driver through the GeForce Experience or by visiting the official Nvidia Download page.

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